No Summer 2014 Station Information Profile (SIP) on File with Arbitron

Arbitron did NOT receive a Summer 2014 SIP from this station. Please note, we may have received an update letter. The information listed below is based on the most recent contact with the station.


Call Letter: KWTO-FM
Frequency: 98.7
Station Name: JOCK SPORTS & MORE
Format: All Sports

Network(s): WWO    PRMIER    FOXSP   
City of License: SPRINGFIELD
County of License: Greene

Mailing Address: 3000 E CHESTNUT EXPY
Phone: 417-862-5600
Fax: 417-869-7675
URL Address:
Broadcasts in HD:
Internet Streams:

Summer 2014 Reminder:

You no longer need to submit program information to Arbitron.


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