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Total Line Reporting is an elective station reporting policy. The purpose of the TLR policy is to report a simulcast combination of stations as one entity in Nielsen reports and data sets, rather than individual stations.

To be eligible for TLR, the stations must be a Nielsen client in good standing and broadcast the same programming and commercials for at least 95% of all Quarter Hours during the survey / report period.

The simulcasting stations may break simulcast during the survey / report period and remain eligible for TLR under the following circumstances: 1) the stations break simulcast to broadcast different programming and commercials, and 2) each simulcast break is at least one hour, and 3) no single simulcast break is longer than 12 continuous hours.

For eligible stations that request TLR, we combine the individual stations’ audience estimates and report that sum as a single entity. We do not report estimates for a TLR combo’s partner stations in any currency service or report.

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