Stations that simulcast 100% throughout the report period, and that meet Minimum Reporting Standards, are eligible for Total Line Reporting.

Select a Service and Report Period:

Audience estimates for stations that receive Total Line Reporting are reported as a total line that combines the estimated audience of all stations in the combo. The total line is listed with the call letters of one station in the combo (the "primary" station), designated in advance by the combo.

Estimates for individual stations in combos that receive Total Line Reporting are not included in any syndicated Nielsen reporting service.

Note: Stations that simulcast for an entire PPM report month, but not for an entire quarterly Diary survey period are eligible for Total Line Reporting only in local syndicated PPM reporting services. Local PPM reporting services include the Nielsen PPM Radio Market Report service and the Nielsen PPM Weeklies service.

Your simulcast table will appear below after you select a service, select a report period, and click submit.